What Didn’t happen next

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What Didn’t happen next – Nick Hancock’s Alternative History of Football

– Gordon Banks plays in the 1970 World Cup quarter final against Germany. England win and go on to lose in the final to Brazil, just. Having lost two world cups and two world wars at the hands of the English the Germans get an inferiority complex (though Jurgen Klinsmann becomes a very successful diving champion) and Thatcherism never happens.

– Gareth Southgate scores his penalty against Germany in the 1996 European Championship semi final. England still lose – you can never beat the Germans on penalties.

– Diego Maradona gets sent of in the World Cup quarter final against England. England go on to win the World Cup. Diego Maradona becomes a reformed character and leads the Argentineans to victory in 1990.

– Eric Cantona stays at Sheffield Wednesday instead of being sold to Manchester United. Manchester United sell most of their players, Ryan Giggs going to Barcelona where he becomes a matador. Cantona is eventually sold to Newcastle who dominated English football.

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