A strange kind of glory

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A Strange Kind of Glory: Sir Matt Busby and Manchester United

‘Succeeds in capturing, for the first time, the essence of this enigmatic and intensely charismatic figure, who had such a huge impact on the game and the way it was managed and played’ – “Daily Telegraph”. ‘Dunphy gives us a big and complex man who…didn’t so much beat off his rivals as transcend them …Dunphy’s recreation of the pre-Munich years, the swelling of great ambition, great teams, is wonderfully fresh’ – James Lawton. ‘Lacing crisp reportage with explosive bursts of anger and dismay, Dunphy tells a tragic story well’ – “Independent”.Sir Matt Busby is a legend in football, an institution at Old Trafford, and, as the author argues, the ‘last great football man’. He is regarded by many as the greatest manager ever, building three brilliant sides with players such as Charlton, Edwards, Law and Best. Written just two years before Busby’s death, Eamon Dunphy’s bestselling portrait of the great man was acclaimed as the best book of the year in its first edition, and is now available with a new introduction. ‘The best most readable football book of the year’ – “Mail on Sunday”. ‘If there is a better football book this year, it would have to be astonishing’ – “Guardian”.

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