Cyrille Regis – My story (Signeret udgave)

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Cyrille Regis – My story (Signeret udgave)

Historien om afdøde ( Jan, 2017)  Cyrille Regis, bogen er på engelsk.

The autobiography of Britain’s first black football superstar

Cyrille Regis’ story is a compelling one on many levels, including his migration from the French Caribbean to a racially divided West London in the 1960s; his development as a semi-professional footballer; his subsequent move to a top-flight Football League club—which brought national recognition and glory, yet found him still facing racial hatred; and his eventually receiving an MBE, recognition for his services to football and the community. This fascinating autobiography describes the battles Cyrille faced as a child and teenager before he turned professional and achieved great things as a footballer. As well as detailing the glorious moments in his career, it studies the impact that he and his black teammates had on the sociological outlook of football fans. It concludes with a review of Cyrille Regis’ life after he retired as a footballer, and his work in the community.

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