David Beckham – The Great Betrayal

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David Beckham – The Great Betrayal

David Beckham – hero of British soccer, idol to millions. His face has become instantly recognisable around the globe, and his combination of good looks, easy charm and fabulous sporting talent have endeared him to millions. In June 2003, Manchester United shocked the footballing world by selling off their star to Spanish rivals Real Madrid. What led Man U to make such a seemingly rash move? How did Beckham react when the news was broken to him? Were there more sinister forces at work behind the scenes? The full truth of this sensational moment in footballing history is revealed for the first time in this explosive book that every soccer fan should want to read. It also tells the fans all the secrets that they want to know about their favourite star: the truth about his relationship with Ferguson; how he and Victoria cope with life in the constant glare of publicity; and of course, exactly how he got to be just so good!

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