His Way: The Brian Clough Story

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His Way: The Brian Clough Story

Brian Clough is arguably the finest manager to ever have plied his trade in top-flight football in the UK. His name is synonymous with two things: Nottingham Forest and Derby County football clubs.

He took these lower, second division East Midlands clubs from obscurity and turned them into national and European champions. With Nottingham Forest, Clough would become world famous for achieving unprecedented success in the 1970s and 1980s with their rise to the top flight, breaking the then monopoly of Liverpool, and winning back to back European Cups.

He produced a long line of great players such as John McGovern, Martin O’Neil, Kenny Burns, John Robertson, Des Walker, and Roy Kean.

Apart from the football persona, he was a man who never backed down from an argument, no matter if is was with club directors, the FA Chairman, or even the Prime Minister. Famous for his outspoken manner, ideals, and beliefs, Brian Clough was a one off, and with his death football lost a true sporting icon.

Following on from his acclaimed biography of 1993, award winning sport’s writer, Patrick Murphy now takes time to update the original book, and also add a poignant tribute to a close personal friend.

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