Tales from the Boot Camps – Steve Claridge

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Tales from the Boot Camps – Steve Claridge

En af de mest underholdende bøger om engelsk fodbold, og en af de mest kendte fodboldbøger i England, Steve Claridge har prøvet lidt af hvert. Bogen er på engelsk


Engelsk beskrivelse:

‘Tales from the Boot Camps’ charts both the highs and lows of Steve Claridge’s career – from training sessions on dog-fouled parks at Aldershot to the last-minute winner in a Wembley Final: from a successful season in the top flight with Leicester to life at Fratton Park, where Steve Claridge is still making newspaper headlines.

Controversial, itinerant, but always popular with the fans, Claridge also talks frankly about his addiction to gambling. Part biography, part autobiography, Ian Ridley’s narrative is full of insight and the dry wit of Claridge. It skilfully intertwines the story of a footballing cult-hero with a portrait of life in all the divisions of the English League.

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