Vinnie – My Life: Vinnie Jones

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Vinnie – My Life: Vinnie Jones

Bog om den engelske fodboldspiller og sidenhed skuespiller Vinnie Jones. Bogen er på engelsk.

Often criticised for his aggressive behaviour on the football pitch over the 13 years of his playing career, he turned his natural intimidating presence to stunning effect when he starred as Big Chris in Guy Ritchie’s huge cult classic “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels”. His screen debut catapulted him to new levels of stardom, and suddenly he was off to Hollywood and being touted as the successor to the ageing Arnie and Stallone. Yet despite all the profiles, no one has ever got close to revealing the man behind the image. In this revealing autobiography, he talks about his love for his wife Tanya, and how he has coped with his new life but still remained at heart one of the lads.

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