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Barmy Army

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As EURO 2000 approached, attention once again focused on the potential threat posed by the activities of football hooligans. Not just those from England, but also from Holland, Belgium, Germany,Italy, France and even Turkey.

Yet as this last year has proven, whilst the hooligans in other nations cause as much, if not more, trouble than their English counterparts, it is the activities of the fans from this country which always seems to attract the greatest scrutiny. And with good reason.

For hooliganism is on the rise in England again.

And from amongst their number has emerged a new breed of thug, more dangerous and cunning than their predecessors ever were. Hooligans who have adopted the style and mannerisms of the old school casuals whilst embracing the technology of the mobile phone, the pager and more importantly, the Internet. How has it come to this? And why? More importantly, how can we stop them?

Using the hard-edged, in-your-face style of his previous books, Dougie Brimson explores every aspect of the hooligan issue and lays it bare. From the birth of the problem in the fourteenth century to the explosion of organised violence via the world wide web, Barmy Army examines the people, the causes, the methods and the history of this frightening, yet fascinating problem.

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