Guinness Book of Football

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Guinness Book of Football

A compendium of facts and figures for every football fan, The Guinness Book of Football contains information on almost every aspect of the UK’s favourite sport. A forward by Andy Gray is followed by diaries both of the 1997/98 season and for the 1998/99 one, and by a series of interesting articles. In addition, every team in the Premiership and the Football League receives its own separate feature, as well as the Scottish Premier League clubs, and also the top club sides in Europe. A statistical section is included, along with a series of profiles of some of the past’s greatest names. Packed into one volume, this all provides for an enjoyable and diverting read. Whilst one or two of the facts contained within are now inevitably out of date, the articles address the issues at the centre of today’s game. Better still, the pictures are well-chosen and of superb quality, and the biographies of the greats of yesteryear will prove informative to younger readers unaware of life before Beckham, Owen and co., and serve to bring back golden memories for more mature followers of the game

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