Old Trafford – 100 years at home of Manchester United

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Old Trafford – 100 years at the  home of Manchester United

The definitive official account of Old Trafford, home of the Manchester United, reveals the full story behind the ground as it celebrates its 100th anniversary, including exclusive interviews with players, fans, and even those who helped rebuild the ground after the war

In the Edwardian era, Manchester’s leading football club, Manchester United, was one of the best in the land—but its stadium at Bank Street did not reflect its aspirations. So the directors took the brave decision to build a spectacular new stadium to reflect the club’s, and the city’s, status, and on February 19, 1910, Old Trafford was open for action. Here, Ian Marshall tells the astonishing story of the 100 years that followed. From early triumph, through inter-war depression, Old Trafford saw it all. But when the ground was twice bombed during World War II, its entire future was in question. However, under the inspirational managership of Matt Busby, both the team and the ground were rebuilt, and a new era of dominance was ushered in in the 1950s, only for United to be once again struck down by Munich. Speaking to players, employees, and fans from across the years, as well as original research into the United archives, Marshall explains how the iconic venue has remained central not just to United but to the fortunes of an entire city

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