Soccer Skills and Tactics

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Soccer Skills and Tactics

British football used to all about passion and power, while continental and South American teams were traditionally regarded as being technically superior. That divide has gone forever. Good football requires both elements, at every level of the game. Many of us have football in our blood, so passion is no problem. Power and pace can be developed quite easily. But technical excellence is a different matter. It requires a good grounding in all the key skills, and a lot of hard work! This book covers all the major skill areas. Every facet of the game is analysed in detail, including different systems of play and tactical awareness. The illustrations show some of the games stars making it look ridiculously easy, and some young hopefuls trying to emulate their heroes. If you want to improve your knowledge and understanding of football, Soccer Skills and Tactic is essential reading. If you want to raise your game to a higher level, why not take the tips and advice out on to the training pitch? Either way, you’ll get a whole lot more out of the world’s greatest game. The book includes a foreword by Harry Redknapp.

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