The League Doesn’t Lie: The 606 Book of Football Lists

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The League Doesn’t Lie: The 606 Book of Football Lists

It’s six minutes past six on match day. The nation’s radios are switched on and the debate begins.

In The League Doesn’t Lie, the 6-0-6 team have selected a raft of the most debatable topics from the world of football, from most disheveled stands, best manager, weirdest post-match rituals and worst-ever penalty to best ever football haircut, most memorable fan protests, worst kit and the ultimate world XI — past and present.

Learn about the top ten footballer Twitter quotes, the most expensive tickets, the longest running careers and the most travelled players. Jump on your 6-0-6 Soapbox about the worst signing, the best pie, and the most overrated players, and hear all about the show’s angriest calls of all time!

With introductions from the 6-0-6 team for each topic, The League Doesn’t Lie is the ultimate book of footballing trivia and opinion, for Sunday League players and armchair referees alike.

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