The real Arsenal – From Chapman to Wenger

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The real Arsenal – From Chapman to Wenger

In this fascinating account that could be seen as a corrective but a companion to the author’s official, widely praised, The Arsenal Stadium History, Brian Glanville takes us on a spellbinding tour through the history of the Gunners’ triumphs, disappointments, the highs and the lows. New light is thrown on the complex character of Tom Whittaker, the man who revolutionised physiotherapy and training at Arsenal in the 20s and 30s. And, the complex and domineering chairman, Sir Henry Morris, seen as the true architect of Arsenal’s fortunes and who took the Gunners across the Thames, brought Herbert Chapman to manage at Highbury and was ultimately disgraced by a scam involving the team’s bus. The incomparable manager Chapman is re-assessed in terms of his achievements as well as his deficiencies – not least over the highly contentious 1937 record GBP14000 transfer of Bryn Jones. And so it continues, from the real story behind Alec Stock, ultra-pragmatic but ultimately greedy George Graham, right up to Arsene Wenger and all his intriguing ambiguity and bold transformations. And in between a panoply of heroes, from Charlie Buchan to the dazzling foreign talent of contemporary Arsenal, such as Vieira, Henry and Fabregas. A must for all football fans and Arsenal fans alike. Arsenal fan, Brian Glanville, has been The Sunday Times’s ace football writer for over 30 years, has won many awards and has written for many newspapers and magazines including the Guardian, the People and World Soccer. He’s published over 40 books, many on football, including the definitive The Story of the World Cup.

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