When football was football – A Nostalgic look…

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When Football Was Football: A Nostalgic Look at a Century of Football

– features the pre 1960s and the first GBP100 a week footballer -Johnny Haynes. Football was the preserve of the working man who attended matches in vast numbers. It was a working class pursuit and one that attracted people through a fierce tribalism and loyalty to ‘your team’. With the advent of footballers being paid well above the national wage it has gone from being a sport to a business. “When Football Was Football” is a fully illustrated book that takes us through the Century of English football from the photographic and written archives of the “Daily Mirror”.’You’d be forgiven for thinking football was invented in 1992′ – Oliver Holt. ‘It’s not a matter of life and death it’s more important than that’ – Bill Shankly. Key and previously unseen photographs will include: 1905 – Chelsea formed at The Rising Sun pub (now The Butcher’s Hook), and Fulham Road; 1926 – Huddersfield becomes the first team to win the league three times in succession; 1928 – Chelsea and Arsenal become first teams to play with shirt numbers (25 August); and 1939 – League is abandoned three games into the season with the outbreak WW2.

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