The Question Of Sport – Quiz Book

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The Question Of Sport – Quiz Book

After more than four decades on the air, “A Question of Sport” is firmly established as the final word in sports trivia. Now, after countless arguments, sporting debates, and lost hours spent directing the action from the sofa, you can finally test your own knowledge to see if you can succeed where so many sporting greats have failed. With more than 3,500 brand new questions, “A Question of Sport Quiz Book” will challenge you to put your money where your mouth is and put your knowledge of the sports world to the ultimate test.

Play on your own or in teams to answer questions covering all eras of football, golf, cricket, motor racing, boxing, rugby, darts, snooker, the Olympics, and so much more.

With questions from your favorite rounds from “A Question of Sport,” here at last is your chance to take on the captain’s challenge, or go head-to-head on the quick-fire buzzer round. What will be your score when the final whistle blows?

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