Joe Calzaghe – No ordinary Joe

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Joe Calzaghe – No ordinary Joe

Historien om den walisiske bokser Joe Calzaghe, bogen udkom kort før mødet med danske Mikkel Kessler. Bogen er på engelsk

For years, Calzaghe’s virtuosity remained a legend of the Welsh valleys. His defeat in 1997 of Chris Eubank brought him to prominence, winning for him the World Boxing Organisation (WBO) super middleweight title. But despite a record number of defences of the belt, his career lacked a defining contest. A long line of challengers and ex-titleholders were disposed of but the biggest names in American boxing avoided the ultimate showdown he craved. Hand injuries further obscured the true level of his aptitude for an art he began to learn from his father, Enzo, at the age of eight when – inspired by Sugar Ray Leonard – a rolled-up carpet in the family home in Newbridge became a makeshift heavy bag.

This is the story of Calzaghe’s extraordinary life, from his humble beginnings in his hometown of Newbridge, to his ascent to personal greatness, becoming the first super middleweight boxer to win the prized belt awarded by The Ring, the bible of boxing, in the division’s near 20-year history.

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