The Ring Boxing Encyclopedia 1984 – Signeret

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The Ring Record book and Boxing Encyclopedia 1984 – Signeret

Signeret af editor Herbert Goldman til tidligere ejer af bogen selveste Mogens Palle, detter næsten en historie i sig selv.

Bogen er et fantastisk opslagsværk på 1067 sider, har nogle slidspor. Og mangler plastomslag

Ring editor Nat Fleischer, noting that other sports had record books and that boxing did not have any books specialized in keeping fans up to date as far as the participants’ records, began writing the first Ring boxing encyclopedia in 1941. It was published for the first time in 1942. Fleischer wanted to create a book that would keep fans informed about the history of boxing and their favorite fighters, and, at the same time, help fighters’ managers and promoters choose who their protégé’s next opponent should be. It also included a detailed history of title fights for each division, and a section of a list of boxing record setters.

With time, the book would also include round by round scoring for each title fight held on the year prior. At its peak, the book consisted of close to 600 pages of records and stats.

After Fleischer died in 1972, Stanley Weston took over the production and edition of the yearly encyclopedia book. During this period, Ring Record book and boxing Encyclopedias were hard-cover books, with a glossy, outside cover that had color photos of famous modern fighters of the era.

In 1990, The Ring magazine went bankrupt, and the Ring Encyclopedia stopped being produced. In 1992, The Ring magazine returned to the stands, but it wasn’t until 1994 that the encyclopedia returned.

The new version of the Ring Record Book and Boxing Encyclopedia is a smaller, pocket sized book with a different context separating it from the original one

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