The 2004 Tour de France: Armstrong Rewrites History

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The 2004 Tour de France: Armstrong Rewrites History

Recapping all the grit and glory of this year’s crowning cycle event, the editors of VeloNews bring cycling fans up to speed with riveting reportage on the Tour de France: who was there, what the course was, and how Lance Armstrong (racing for Bhonak team) fared going out for his sixth straight win. The book begins with follow-up coverage from last year’s race that brings the reader up-to-date, and it reviews every stage of the three-week long race through some of the most beautiful countrysides and extreme terrain in France and surrounding countries. The editors detail the people and events that make each year’s race unique: the contenders and their teams – including Jan Ullrich, Joseba Beloki, and Tyler Hamilton – as well as a course map with stage elevations and race descriptions complete with anecdotes. Meanwhile, world-renowned cycling photographer Graham Watson take readers to the sidelines, bringing the event to life from start to finish. The book also features daily journal entries by Tyler Hamilton, a member of the USA/CSC-Tiscali cycling team.

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