The 2005 Tour de France: Armstrong’s Farewell

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The 2005 Tour de France: Armstrong’s Farewell

The Tour de France’s mix of superstars like Lance Armstrong, and white-knuckle cycling through some of Europe’s most beautiful — and extreme — terrain has made the race for the yellow jersey a seminal event in world sports. In this popular annual guide, John Wilcockson of and Andrew Hood “”VeloNews, in collaboration with expert photographers, captures the grit and glory of the three-week race, including what makes 2005 unique: Armstrong’s attempt at a record-breaking seventh consecutive win. The book begins with follow-up coverage from last year’s race to bring readers up to date. An overview of the course, the race, and the contestants is followed by a stage-by-stage, race-by-race account of the Tour, including a course map with stage elevations, race descriptions, anecdotes, and a complete list of finishers. Dramatic color images by renowned cycling photographer Graham Watson and others bring this exciting event to life from start to finish.

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