Euro Cup – Panini Football Collection 1980-2020

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Euro Cup – Panini Football Collection 1980-2020

Since 1980 a collection of Panini stickers has accompanied each edition of the popular UEFA Euro Cup held every four years. Each album is not just a practical guide to the various rounds of the tournament, but it also provides a valuable visual archive of all the teams and their remarkable matches.The book is certainly one of the best ways to relive the European football experience, retracing the entire history of the Panini albums devoted to the Europeans. And, as always, it will be a reading experience that is delicately poised between enthusiasm and nostalgia. Euro Cup is an outstanding visual archive of the football teams, and the players who made the tournament memorable. With numbers, statistics and all the curiosities a football lover will ever need. Text in English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Italian.

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